Das Institut für Demokratiepädagogik

IDP is an institution for civic education in Belgium and well integrated in a network of similar institutions in the Great Region and Euregio. We provide civic education to youth in and outside school and also in adult education. We will use this film in training teachers and multipliers who have to deal with questions concerning Europe and extreme right-wing populism. We work with the anti-radicalization entity in East-Belgium (Wegweiser) who also can use the film for its own purposes. The IDP focuses on ‘arts and politics’, a subject which is rarely present in school programs.

By understanding how emotions can be used to manipulate people, we seek to make students fit for the daily challenges on social media, who are based on this technique. Konsensverschiebungen was the first film produced in this new IDP task program. A documentary about a three-year Erasmus+ Youth project has just been finished. The documentary followed 21 youth that worked out in 9 months how dance, theater and music manipulate emotions and created a common piece of art that was showcased in a theater in Belgium in April 2022. The IDP develops new ways of dealing with the urgent questions of civic education by producing new formats for teaching and experiencing democratic culture. We are in contact with the European Academies and the Council of Europe, promoting the use of of the Reference Framework of Competence for Democratic Culture. You can find more information about IDP on our website, which unfortunately is still only German, the language that people speak in the German speaking Community of Belgium.


Cover Konsensverschiebungen

The film stages Wolfgang Saus, a German Obertone singer. He represents European values by singing key words of the European anthem: Brüder (brothers) and Freude (Joy). Meanwhile an amplifier, standing nearby, emits sounds that grow into words and finally into comprehensible sentences. These sentences come in different European languages and stem from right-wing politicians throughout EU. They refer to the immigration situation in the EU and how to solve it in their opinion. The battle between these two value systems ends – musically speaking – in the defeat of the Obertone singer. In other words, the democratic Europe is silenced by right-wing slogans.

Konsensverschiebungen is available on our YouTube Channel.

Didactic Material

We have now published our workbook in English! It was compiled by IDP Director Dr. Tomke Lask, Composer Wolfgang Delnui, IDP Division Head Sabrina Kirschner and Overtone Singer Wolfgang Delnui.

It encourages educators to engage with the film, which addresses a controversial topic: Radicalization in the European Union.

You can download the workbook here, and watch the corresponding film sequences on our YouTube channel

Konsensverschiebungen Work Book English Version

Bio Blurbs

Dr. Tomke Lask


Dr. Tomke LASK graduated from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (Diploma and M.A.) and received her PhD in Arts and Communication Sciences from the Université de Liège, Belgium, in 1995. She was awarded a post-doctoral research contract at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, in the Impact Program of the Arts and Humanity Research Council and Economic and Social Research Council (AHRC/ESRC). Since 1995, she has worked in EU research projects, as lecturer and was deputy head of the Laboratoire d’anthropologie de la communication (LAC) at the Université de Liège between 1999 and 2007. After her post-doc in Liverpool, she taught information and communication sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She has taught anthropology at various European and Latin American universities and was a visiting professor in Japan at Keio University in Tokyo. Her research focuses on identity processes in border areas and in the city. Since 2017, she has headed the Institute for Civic Education in Eupen and promotes democratic culture in schools, youth work and adult education through applied research.

Wolfgang Delnui



Wolfgang DELNUI studied rhythmics at the Institut de Rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze de Belgique (Brussels) as well as composition and school music at the Maastricht Conservatory.
DELNUI is fascinated by the fragility that can arise within a sound. By approaching the limits of what can be played and heard, a fragile and poetic world of its own emerges from the interplay between the performer’s will and the „letting it emerge“.
In 2004, DELNUI won the Flutonicon composition prize in Utrecht. His work “Zeithände” was nominated for the Gaudeamus Music Prize in 2006.
His compositions have been performed at festivals such as Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Amsterdam), Saint-Petersburg International New Music Festival reMusik, Ostbelgienfestival (Eupen) and Ars Musica (Brussels).
DELNUI is co-founder of Kl-Ex, the East Belgian association for the promotion of new music.
He also works as a music educator, teaching at the Music Academy of the German-speaking Community of Belgium and at the Autonomous University of East Belgium. As part of his pedagogical activities, he published the book Blitzschnelle Ideen mit Rhythmus und Musik in 2015 with Ökotopia Verlag.

Wolfgang Saus

freelance musician and vocal sound researcher

Wolfgag SAUS is a freelance musician and vocal sound researcher.
As an expert in overtone singing with roots in both classical singing and the natural sciences, he has a special way of conveying the fascination of vocal sound. The Klüh-Foundation prizewinner and holder of several chemistry patents performed as a soloist in theaters, professional choirs and has devoted himself full-time to overtones and the resonances of the voice for three decades. He has developed concepts for the phonetics of choirs and vocals, is co-developer of the sound analysis software Overtone Analyzer/VoceVistaVideo, specialist author, founder of the European Overtone Choir and teaches professional choirs, choir conductors, opera singing classes and, of course, overtone enthusiasts worldwide.

Hans-Erich Viet


Hans-Erich VIET. Born in East Frisia. Apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician, social work in England & Northern Ireland with Aktion Sühnezeichen /Friedensdienste, driver, forest worker, Santa Claus, etc. in Berlin and Kassel.
Through second chance adult education he finished his A-Levels and then studied political science, philosophy, sociology of art at the FU Berlin, film at the HdK Berlin and political science at the Queen’s University of Belfast/Northern Ireland. He is a graduate of the German Film and Television Academy/Berlin (dffb) and has a degree in political sciences. He held film seminars with Fred ZINNEMANN and Wim WENDERS among others, screenplay seminars with Wolfgang KOHLHAASE and Syd FIELD among others, and acting workshops with John COSTOPOULOS/ Method Acting.
Active as director, author and co-producer since 1990, he was Professor of feature film directing at the International Film School Cologne (ifs). He was guest lecturer at the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule für Soziales (ASH), Berlin. He taught seminars on directing/screenwriting and documentary film at the FH Dortmund, filmArche Berlin, Filmservice Münster and Medienwerkstatt Hannover Linden. He is member of the German Film Academy and AG dok.
Awards and nominations:

  • Adolf Grimme Award for SCHNAPS IM WASSERKESSEL
  • German Film Critics‘ Award#Film Prize of the Saarland Minister President Max Orphüls Festival FRANKIE, JONNY AND THE OTHERS
  • Artist grant from the SWF
  • Lower Saxony Artist Award
  • Grimme Prize nomination for GEISELFAHRT INS PARADIES
  • Remunerated nomination for the Federal Film Award for MILK AND HONEY FROM ROTFRONT
  • Nomination for the German Television Award of the Academy of Performing Arts for FASTEN A LA CARTE